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4170 Trading

Founded in late 2017, 4170 Trading is a proprietary trading firm based in Chicago, IL, with an additional office in Miami, FL. We primarily transact in fixed income cash, futures and options markets with both actively managed and algorithmic trading strategies.

4170 Trading also owns Grapefruit Trading, which specializes in providing liquidity in cryptocurrencies. The team at 4170 includes members with experience ranging from 2 to 20 years in the industry.


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A Team Environment


The traders at 4170 primarily transact in futures, options and cash markets. They are responsible for managing the firm’s risk on a day-to-day basis and must react to market movements, economic news, and data-driven signals to maintain a competitive edge across the globe.


Being a part of the software team at 4170 means having a significant hand in both the planning and creation of trading strategies as well as the overall infrastructure of the firm. 4170 is committed to growing its core technology foundation by hiring the best available programmers and developers to help build and deploy strategies across various asset classes.


4170’s operations team is the first point of contact for all aspects of the business. They are responsible for managing external relationships with prime brokers and FCMs, as well as onboarding new business relationships. The team manages and reports daily settlements, position data, P&L figures, and margin financing costs.